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 Mines/UBx double diploma 


A double diploma since 2017. 

The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) and the Bordeaux University (UBx) have signed an ambitious project for a Dual Master Program in Materials Science/Physical Chemistry. Laureates will be issued a Master degree of both CSM and Bordeaux Universities. 


The first year will be hosted at CSM for both the UBx and CSM students selected for the dual masters program, whereas the second year will be hosted at UBx.


YEAR 1 (CSM)       1. Fall semester 1 at CSM (August 15th – December 22nd)

                               2. Spring semester 1 at CSM (January 10 – May 15th)


YEAR 2 (UBx)        3. Fall semester 2 at UBx (September 1st – December 22th)

4. Spring semester 2 at UBx (January-June: “Case study” / internship in UB laboratories or others)

Study plan / Organization of the courses

Under completion of the dual masters program, students from each university receive a masters degree in "Materials Science" from CSM and in "Physical Chemistry & Chemical Physics" from UBx. 



During the first year at CSM Students must complete a total of 8 courses, composed of 4 elective courses + 4 mandatory core courses:


  • MLGN 591 – Materials Thermodynamics

  • MLGN 592 – Advanced Materials Kinetics and Transport

  • MLGN 593 – Bonding, Structure, and Crystallography

  • MLGN 502 - Solid State Physics

Here is a list of suggested elective courses:


  • CHGN 598A – Adv Instrument Analysis

  • PHGN 542 – Solid State Devices

  • MLGN 510 – Surface Chemistry

  • MLGN 599 - Battery Science

  • CHGN 599B - Independent Study (research internship)

  • MLGN 535 - Microelectronics Proc

The second year at UBx is composed of 2 electives courses to be chosen between a list of four:

  • Large Scale Facilities

  • Hybrid and Nano-materials

  • Dielectric and Magnetic properties 

  • Self-Assembly of Polymers and Surfactants


+ 4 mandatory courses:


  • Photonics, Lasers and Imaging

  • Computational Chemistry / Molecular Simulation

  • management and entrepreneurship

  • English/French


In addition, the students must complete a “case study / research project” counting for 6 credits (i.e. the equivalent of 2 courses in terms of credits).


Université de Bordeaux

Collège Sciences & Technologies

351 cours de la Libération

33405 Talence CEDEX, FRANCE

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